Tell your forecasting spreadsheet you're never getting back together.

Build your financial model with flexible, plug-&-play blocks developed by experts.

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Build Operational Models Using Your Actual Data From

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So obsessed with Summit. It's a life saver, even for people like me who hate financial modeling. It manages to make me look like a numbers genius! I just created the fanciest, in-depth projections in minutes.

Summit allowed us to move from a cumbersome financial model in Excel to an app. Huge time saver. And we're doing more sophisticated modeling now as well.

Simple, team-friendly pricing.

Build a working model and invite your team for free.

All of our tiers include every feature and unlimited users.

Models are made of objects called events. Pricing is based on the number of objects, or events, in your account.

Example Objects (Events)

  • Acquisition Channels

  • Subscription Plans

  • Retention Curves

  • Future Hires

  • Operating Expenses

  • Product Costs

Paid tiers starting at

$100 USD

per month

For up to 50 events.

Free Tier: Up to 25 Events

Frequently asked questions

How does Summit work?

Summit allows you to define little building blocks of business activity called events. Like the cells of a spreadsheet, events can hold values, contain logic, repeat with a specific frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.) and even point to each other. When you're ready, you can flow these events through our simulator and view the output in the form of a business forecast.

Sounds complicated!

It's really not! If you can fill out a form, or a spreadsheet cell, you can use Summit's building blocks to program your business.

A lot of the work is a few clicks to import your existing data from places like QuickBooks, Xero (coming soon!), Stripe, etc.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is based on the number of objects (events) you have in your account. If you have fewer than 25 events in your account, Summit is free. Once you need more than 25, the price is $100 per month for a total of 50. After that, you can increase your capacity, for even more complex models, in increments of 25.

Most users are able to build a working model of their business using the free tier. And since our pricing isn't based on your revenue, we'll never tax your growth.

Can I invite my team?

Of course! We believe that teams should use models to advocate for ideas, share what-ifs, and discuss realistic goals. For that reason, additional team members are free. Just invite them from your settings page. When they sign up, they'll be automatically added to your account.

How do I get a forecast from a model?

Models are like engines. In Summit, you click 'Build' to run the model and view the output. This output can be viewed in-app as a spreadsheet with charting capabilities, or you can download this as an XLS or CSV. The typical pattern is: create events, build the model, view the output, tweak the inputs, repeat.

I really 💜-🤬 Excel though.

Yes! We do too. And our bet is you love its flexibility and power. That's why Summit is a language at its core. Over time, we'll expose more and more of this modeling language to our customers, so you can keep all of that flexibility, but lose all of the maintenance headaches, broken references, and complicated formulas that don't stay up-to-date with your business.

How are you different than such-and-so?

We'll let one of our users answer that:

"I've been searching for a dynamic way to do forecasting for our SaaS platform, to test a few scenarios. While using the likes of ____ and ____ allowed us to do the forecasting, it always depended on doing all the formulas ourselves first, to add it into the system. Doing any changes to our pricing strategy meant re-doing all the figures again!

Upon signing up for Summit, I've been able to model our business in 30 minutes with little to no instructions. And I was able to run various scenarios instantly to identify the best pricing strategy for our existing customer base. This would normally take at least a few days for each scenario.

It was easy to understand, and our team loved that it takes marketing and acquisition metrics to calculate the revenue based on our funnel. It is a progressive and modern tool that is tailored for the modern business world. Support has been great and responsive as well."

Mahmoud Elsaid
Managing Director - LamasaTech Group (UK and US)

What if I need help?

We're available by chat, email, and, yes, Twitter too (sometimes too much?). We believe that business leaders are gifted modelers, but until now, the choices have been a whiteboard or a spreadsheet. We're changing that.

Who is Summit?

Summit is a production of Strategy Pi, Inc. based in Austin, Texas. We're a small team that moves extremely fast. And yes, we do love tacos, live music, and technology-enabled businesses designed for growth.

Ready to build? Let's go.

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