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The power of simulation at your fingertips

The Summit browser extension adds powerful forecasting capabilities to popular websites. Just click the colorful lighting bolt that appears on the page.

Effortlessly explore, forecast, and evaluate your plans and purchases

Imagine having a flexible mortgage calculator a click away while browsing Zillow. Or a runway calculator directly accessible from your commercial bank dashboard. Summit enhances a growing list of sites where you want to make the most informed decisions.

No more loading up a spreadsheet to type in numbers and formulas

Run a related calculator on Summit with intelligent default values automatically picked from the page you're on.

Works wherever you are

Run Summit calculators directly from some of the most popular pages on the web.

Very handy tool for the analytically-minded. If you ever find yourself doing napkin math with an actual napkin (or, god forbid, Excel), you should definitely be using this instead.

— Alec Barrett-Wilsdon, CEO at SourceStack
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