Culture Code

Last updated: November 15, 2019

Seeking neither to repeat the mistakes of the past, nor laud the results that came from luck, we seek to take responsibility for our culture by listing out what drives us to work and what keeps us working.

🥕 Motivations

Why I work on Summit; so that I and others can be free to:

  • Change: Learn how to think differently among friends.
  • Enjoy: Not just living for the weekends.
  • Move: Act when and where others cannot.
  • Teach: Mentor others that are on a similar journey.
  • Explore: Travel to make memories.
  • Bond: Create experiences for my family and friends.

⚙️ Operating Principles

How we work at Summit; by focusing on:

  1. Process over results.
    • We will reward, incentivize, evaluate, critique, and praise process.
    • We will not encourage or incentivize a focus on results.
    • We will not criticize undesirable results that fall out of good process.
  2. Minimal headcount.
    • We will pay our existing team members well.
    • We will invest in our existing team members.
    • We will build systems to fully leverage our human capital.
    • We will minimize the communication required to execute.
– Matt Wensing, Founding Partner