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“Summit is great for ROI calculators! I built one in the morning and sent it to prospects in the afternoon!"

Discover how Gatsby uses ROI calculators to quantify savings potential for prospects during sales conversations.
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    Gatsby (acq. Netlify)
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    Website Development
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    Berkeley, California
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About Gatsby

Gatsby enables developers to build fast, secure, and powerful websites using a React-based framework, a cloud platform, and an innovative data layer. Their services suite shortens the time to experiment, collaborate, and deploy improvements to websites. And Gatsby’s open source frontend framework makes the challenges of integrating different content, APIs, and services into one web experience a simple process.


Gatsby’s platform offers demonstrable ROI to their enterprise customers (e.g. Little Caesars, IBM, Clearlink, etc.), but they found it difficult to present those savings in a clear, easy-to-understand way for prospects. Gatsby delivers these savings in both hard dollars and through the efficiencies gained when running and deploying web architecture–reducing the amount of time developers spend building websites, editing code, making pull requests, and shrinking the overall operational overhead required to ship updates to websites. Gatsby helps its customers realize significant decreases in web development costs, but clunky, error-prone spreadsheets weren’t flexible or UI-friendly enough for their sales team to make an effective case to buyers. 


Gatsby then turned to Summit to build a better ROI tool to support its sales team. Using Summit’s low-code development environment and WYSIWYG builder, Gatsby made a lightweight, but powerful app that calculates answers to these complex ROI concepts and displays the results as savings over time with only a few simple inputs from prospects. Account executives could now easily transform information about developer workloads (e.g. hours spent on various tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis) into quantified, realized operational efficiency gains and cost savings by switching to Gatsby’s platform.

Gatsby Cost Savings Calculator
Cost Savings Calculator

Benefits & Results

The ability of the Gatsby sales team to communicate the real savings for their solutions improved dramatically. Cost decreases could be contextualized to the client, presented in a modern web app interface, and shared with the prospect without breaking, unlike most spreadsheets. Even more impressive, the calculator was designed, built, and shipped all in the same day! Account executives were sharing and presenting the calculator on sales calls with prospects only a few hours after it was initially conceived in Summit.

Gatsby could also now deliver the calculator as interactive, productized collateral to their prospects as a sales call follow-up. The app could be shared with the default values discussed during the initial meeting and any changes or usage could be logged and viewed in Summit’s platform or sent to Gatby’s CRM. This lets the account executive know if the prospect is engaging with the content, has different expectations for savings, or if certain assumptions are changing, thus giving the account executive a headstart on refining the quote to more accurately match the client’s needs. Seeing how often prospects interact with the calculator post-meeting also gives account executives tangible insight in the prospect’s interest in the Gatsby and greater confidence in the likelihood of the deal closing. 

Gatsby’s experience demonstrates how quickly Summit users can launch powerful apps that support sales teams with minimal effort. We’re proud to support the Gatsby sales team and look forward to helping close more deals in the future!

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