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“Summit tools look awesome! We love how they make class lessons real and relevant to founders"

See how Summit calculators are used by SaaS Academy to productize and contextualize their founder-focused courses.
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About SaaS Academy

SaaS Academy offers an educational program for B2B SaaS founders to learn how to more efficiently support and lead their growing companies. SaaS Academy provides a complete training program including courses, content, and coaching sessions to help their customers build the foundations for repeatable and scalable growth in their SaaS business.


SaaS Academy hosts a large volume of webinars, conferences, lectures, and courses to support founders. Those events tend to be highly dynamic, energetic, and interactive when presented, but the supporting materials and content lacked the same intensity and dynamism. SaaS Academy needed to find a way to supplement their events with materials that matched the same degree of interactivity while also offering insights to their founders about how to grow their SaaS businesses.


SaaS Academy Toolkit powered by Summit
SaaS Academy Toolkit

SaaS Academy approached Summit with the challenge of productizing key lessons from live events in a way that allowed for similar degrees of interactivity and educational content. For example, a SaaS Academy lecture can offer a valuable framework for understanding when a SaaS business will reach its MRR growth ceiling, but bringing those lessons to life by quickly applying the framework across each founder’s business can prove daunting. Each founder’s inputs to the model are unique and the nuanced relationship between those inputs over time creates an additional layer of computational complexity that becomes challenging to apply in a class setting.

Summit and SaaS Academy then collaborated on developing a series of tools and calculators that would supplement lessons by delivering answers to these complex concepts in an easy-to-understand format. Summit then packaged and launched them as an interactive toolkit that visitors to the SaaS Academy website could seamlessly access from the site header. 

Benefits & Results

SaaS Academy began utilizing the Summit toolkit in its courses right away. The calculators let students contextualize and apply class lessons to their own businesses with insights and results personalized to the founder. 

Continuing the example from above, a founder can approach the Growth Ceiling Calculator with a few simple inputs such as number of current customers, growth rate, churn rate, etc. and get an answer to a question like “When will my business max out?” with a visualization layer to support the results. A founder headed for a performance plateau now has the timeline and context needed to understand how to implement lessons from the SaaS Academy program in order to turn their business in the right direction. 

SaaS Growth Ceiling Calculator
SaaS Growth Ceiling Calculator

The Leads Needed Calculator is also included in the toolkit to reinforce SaaS Academy course lessons about what it takes to drive revenue growth. A founder may receive advice like “you need more leads”, but does little to point the founder in an actionable direction. However, receiving specific advice contextualized to the founder’s growth goals like “you need to generate 160 leads per month over the next 12 months” is far more relevant and helps the founder understand the scale and scope of the actions needed for their business to succeed.

Leads Needed Calculator
Leads Needed Calculator

Productizing these lessons into real-world applications for individual founders has made Summit a powerful fit for SaaS Academy. These tools increase the likelihood of success for their students and allows the expertise at SaaS Academy and the efficacy of their programs to shine in a scalable way. We’re proud to partner together and look forward to continue seeing Summit tools support SaaS Academy courses as enrollment continues to grow!

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