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John Doherty - avatar
“This is friggin cool!”

We made an Editor Ninja ROI calculator to clearly show how much money people can save with us. No brainer. A big SEO play too!

sophie moore avatar image
“It's so nice not to have to code or 'Excel-ify' this stuff!”

I customized your template in 20 minutes—our Summit calculator looks right at home within our platform. This is the coolest app I’ve used in a long time!

Ian Ito - avatar
“This SaaS calculator looks amazing 🔥”

Nice work! These apps should be used by B2B SaaS founders as a great resource for content.

kathie corl avatar image
“Great job on this Summit!”

I've been following the Summit journey from the very beginning and the positioning has really clicked for me. Low-code calculators and simulations for marketing, sales, and product make so much sense!

Sam Bhagwat - avatar
“Oh geez this is amazing!”

I once spent five months building a calculator like this and then Summit built one just like it in a couple hours! Prospects were using it later that day.

Nick Swan - avatar

Summit calculators can be super useful for users, and good link building assets.

Anthony McClosky - avatar
“Summit is such a great product”

I’m really enjoying exploring the app developer experience in Summit. Adding model-based features to an app or site has gotten a lot easier!

Nathan Clark - avatar
“Damn, Summit is just incredible”

This is a fantastic product. Easily the most interesting piece of software I know of being built and I am loving seeing it continue to develop.

ContinueLoop - avatar
“I love the design”

Both the app and the model UI. Great work by you and your team!

Ruben Gamez - avatar
“Love this!”

Gotta say, getting SignWell lead data coming in with metered pricing automatically calculated by the Summit API is veeery cool.

Aaron Francis - avatar
“Honestly, amazing...”

Building complex, time-based models for apps is easier in Summit than anything else I've ever used, especially raw code.

Asia Orangio - avatar
“This is brilliant. Wow.”

I'm using this on quite literally every growth project we do moving forward. This is incredible. Excellent work.

Jeffrey Broer - avatar
“You need to reach out to Summit”

Wouldn't it be great if your lead generator flow was able to calculate the money people would save using the product? Now you can!

Scott Hurff - avatar
“Summit moves the needle in more ways than one”

I'm not an engineer, so before Summit all my 'engineering as marketing' plans were beholden to engineering priorities. Not anymore. Summit gives me the power to easily create the ROI calculators our potential customers need.

Charles Palleschi - avatar
“This is 🔥🔥🔥”

Summit is fantastic! Such an awesome flywheel strategy to see in action 🚀 💪 The more it works, the better SEO results you get, the more people use it, round and round...

Ethan Post - avatar
“Have a look at Summit!”

You can build some interesting online calculators, host them, and use for for top of funnel leads. You likely have a ton of real world data to build from.

Neil Pierce - avatar
“Very nice product 🔥🔥”

Had a very cool visit with Summit today! They'll let us put tools to help with the acquisition selection between listings in our platform! Let’s go!

Gurdeep Sembi - avatar
“I tried Summit and it blew me away.”

Summit is one of the tools you can't help but tell people about. Love using it and we are not even scratching the surface yet. A fantastic piece of software!

Christopher Patrick Johnson - avatar
“ smart content.”

What's cool about Summit is anyone can have and create apps and calcualtors as content for their own marketing.

Mark Tanner - avatar
“Summit makes me think of the book 'Traction'”

If I want to do SEO, I have 100 tools to choose from—but if I want to do engineering as marketing, I have to find some engineers. With Summit I have a platform to do both.

Digitaltrouble - avatar
“These calcualtors are awesome”

AWS should embed Summit on every product’s landing/pricing page!

Tony Chan - avatar
“Summit is VERY impressive”

Built a neat calculator to determine the ROI of using Cloud Forecast to automate monitoring and reporting tasks. Summit saved us hours of research and spreadsheet work!

Peter Suhm - avatar
“I seriously love Summit!”

Spinning up apps in Summit is so awesome. Nothing else like it! Once it clicks, it really clicks. You guys freaking nailed this.

John Shahawy - avatar

Every SaaS platform should be making build vs buy calculators with Summit and putting them on their front page. Help your target users make the right decision.