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Whatever field you call your professional home, math is everywhere!  From nutrition to sports to ecommerce to subscription software, formulas, rules of thumb, calculations and metrics abound.

Most sites struggle to convey even basic arithmetic, forcing users to read through what feels like a math textbook.  This weakness is even worse in most low-code and no-code app builders.  Wherever you're sharing, Summit can supercharge your content with calculators that engage, educate, and develop your audience.

Use Summit to create and deliver custom, domain-relevant calculators powered by your own insights, data, and know-how.  Share these calculators as public or private apps, embedded widgets, or fully-customized components using the API to run your calculator remotely.

How to Make It

Get started by choosing a template from our library that's relevant to your area of expertise, or start building from scratch.  If you're using a template, you'll want to update labels and default values, or connect to a data set such as Airtable or GSheets to source your own assumptions.  Need help?  Reach out over chat!

Summit Solutions: Content Marketing Calculators - How to Make It

Using It

To share your calculator, click Publish to deploy it as a public app, first editing your URL to optimize for SEO.  Once published, public apps can be linked to, embedded, or called from a remote app using the app's API.  Build in Summit, deploy and use anywhere.

Summit Solutions: Content Marketing Calculators - Using It

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