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Automatically enrich inbound leads with pricing based on your enterprise pricing model.

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New leads mean new opportunities, but if they enter your CRM without dollar amounts, they can still require work in a spreadsheet to estimate opportunity size.

By storing your enterprise pricing model in Summit, you can use it as part of an inbound lead collection process to enrich new leads with estimated deal sizes.

Summit Event Language easily handles seat-based, user-based, and usage-based pricing models with tiering, discounts, and growth assumptions.

How to Make It

Start by copying our Pricing Model template into your account.  From there, most user- and usage-based pricing models can be created by simply changing the default prices and breakpoints for each tier.  Need help?  Reach out over chat!

Summit Solutions: Enterprise Lead Enrichment - How to Make It

Using It

Once you've created your pricing model and tested the results, you're ready to add it to your inbound lead flow.  By enabling API access to your model, you can call it from a multi-step zap in Zapier or any other backend process.

Summit Solutions: Enterprise Lead Enrichment - Using It

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