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Upgrade your low-code apps with features powered by Summit forecasting and simulation.

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Does your low-code app help users manage their flow of cash, inventory, or visitors?  Do your users want a better way to understand this flow, funnel, or system over time?  Do they want you to help them see into the future?

The lack of support for math or time-based calculations inside low-code platforms puts a limit on the kind of forecasting, budgeting, or planning features you can deliver in your app.

Summit solves this by providing you with a low-code canvas to develop your mathematical formulas, functions, and simulations.  Once built and deployed, you can call these functions from inside your own low-code app and display the results.

How to Make It

Get started by choosing a template from our library that's relevant to your app, or start building from scratch.  Need help building?  Check out our step-by-step tutorial videos, technical docs, and help center -- or send us a message, we'd love to chat with you.

Want to connect a data set?  Summit integrates with GSheets and Airtable, so you can pull reference data into any of your formulas and functions.

Summit Solutions: Low Code Feature Development - How to Make It

Using It

To use your app, click Publish to deploy it as an app, then flip a toggle enable API access.  Congrats!  Your app now has its own API.  Use your secret key to call your API, passing in arguments from your low-code app, then display the results to your users.

Summit Solutions: Low Code Feature Development - Using It

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