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Generate interactive, personalized ROI forecasts at scale.

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To succeed, your business needs to present prospects with a compelling economic argument.  Whether they're moving to a new plan, switching from a competitor, or adopting a solution for the first time, dollars saved is often the strongest pitch.

Spreadsheets don't provide the user experience you want, and create risks of duplication, copies, or sharing that expose private details.

By building an ROI forecasting model in Summit, you can arm your champions with content needed to move them down the funnel and towards a closed deal.

Using link-protected pages with custom URL's, Summit can scalably demonstrate your value and even report on usage.

How to Make It

Start by copying one of our ROI forecast templates into your account.  From there, update labels and default values to represent the before and after you're trying to convey to your prospect.  Need help?  Reach out over chat!

Summit Solutions: Personalized Lead Nurturing - How to Make It

Using It

Once you've created your ROI forecast and tested the output, you're ready to include it in your lead nurturing campaigns.  Click 'Share' to generate a re-usable link, then check the box to "include input values."  The input values in this link can then be replaced with any template tag or mail merge value.  The result: a personalized ROI forecast that even displays well on mobile.

Summit Solutions: Personalized Lead Nurturing - Using It

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