Everything You Need To Start Scoring Leads.

Summit is the fastest, easiest-to-adopt, and most flexible lead scoring engine for your marketing machine. Define your ideal customer and get started in minutes.

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Instantly works with
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The only thing you need to get started is an email address.

Technically, two email addresses: yours to sign up and a prospect's to score. How can it be so easy? Because Summit bundles together the features that are typically scattered across multiple vendors, all while staying flexible for the future.

Summit overview
Enrichment - icon

Enrichment Included

By default, Summit bundles Clearbit’s leading data service. Want to substitute or extend it with your own data anyway?  No problem, you can do that too.

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Ideal Customer profiles

Summit’s lead scoring model lets you define your ICP using every popular attribute: from job title to funding raised to annual revenue. You can even use the contact’s location to score by distance.

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Starter Scoring Models That Work

We get it, your goal is to get to a score that you can start using and refining. That’s why Summit doesn’t ask you to build anything to get started.

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Connectivity (Loads)

Similar to the much-loved Zapier, you can connect to Summit from any and every workflow already in your marketing repertoire, without a limit. Your CRM? Check. Your marketing automation platform? Yep. Even Zapier itself!

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No-Code Editing

You don’t want another black box. Scores need to be easy to edit, extend, and adjust over time, all while being able to explain them to your teammates. Summit’s no-code editor addresses this head-on.

Behavior scoring - icon

Behavioral Scoring

It’s nice to know a lead is a fit in theory, but what about in practice? Summit includes an intent-scoring model that accounts for recency so you can see which visitors, signups, or trials are the hottest.

How Summit works

We don't think it can get any easier (but let us know!).

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Send an Email Address

From any of the automated workflows in your marketing stack, from HubSpot to Customer.io to Zapier.


Your scoring Model runs

The contact is enriched, values are matched against a profile you define, and a 0-5 score is generated.


Use the Score

The score is returned to your marketing platform where you can use it to segment and drive smarter routing, personalization, and campaigns.

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Score leads against your ideal customer profile

Your starter models in Summit come pre-configured with the most popular attributes for scoring leads and intent, and a few attributes no one else has. Want more? Awesome. Summit is completely extensible.

Unsure how to define your ideal customer profile? No problem! Summit has a free, AI-powered ICP generator that can write your ICP for you! It's easy to use and reveals the specific attributes you need to know for scoring your leads. Try it out here!

Revenue - icon

Annual Revenue

Revenue numbers are a popular proxy into an organization’s maturity, goals, and level of fit for a solution like yours.  When do people start needing what you have?

Company size - icon

Company Size & Funding

Headcount and bank accounts may be vanity metrics, but it can tell you a lot about the odds an organization has the pains you’re designed to solve.

Job title - icon

Job Title & Role

What rank, title, and role does this contact have? Easily match all or part of their attributes to help measure their importance to closing a deal.

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Behavior - icon


Our extensible intent scoring model allows you to score visits, opens, clicks, and signups based on their recency while also decaying the value over time.

Location - icon


For many businesses, the world may be your oyster, but certain cities are your pearls. Score a prospect based on their proximity to your target geography (U.S. & Canada).

Weather - icon


It’s the original icebreaker and drives a surprising percentage of buying decisions in many consumer categories. We also think it’s the great flex to include in our offering, so we did.

Designed to support innovators.

Start scoring leads even when you only have a small list leads, a few customers, or a tiny budget.

Works from day zero.

Most lead scoring involves running an extensive analysis of a large customer database to determine your ICP. At Summit, we know that customer data can be in-the-future, or messy, or the situation can be "dynamic”. Summit lets you get started with even a loose definition of your target prospect.

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Fuzzy or Strict

In the early days, your ICP starts out blurry. As it becomes clear, Summit allows you to increase the strictness of your matching to draw sharper segments and greater contrast.

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New Targets, New Personas

The only certainty is change!  Easily spin up additional profiles to measure the fit between prospects or customers and new products and services.

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Lead Scoring Recipes by industry

Summit is ready to plug into your marketing workflows in SaaS, direct-to-consumer (DTC), and beyond.

Give your best-fit signups the best experience.

Replace generic onboarding sequences and tutorials with invitations to engage with your team and product.

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    Measure intent before and after signup.
  • Feature check
    Match your level of service with business value.
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    Create new segments based on trait-based and behavioral scores.
Summit Lead Scoring for SaaS

Take shopper personalization to new heights.

Combine demographic profiles with behavioral triggers to target the right customers.

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    Use location to target prospects with regional offers or campaigns.
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    Leverage weather forecasts to drive in-store banners and suggestions.
  • Feature check
    Develop SKU-level ICP’s to make recommendations.
Summit Intent Scoring for eCommerce

Elevate your best customer onboarding experience.

Transition from one-size-fits-all nurturing to personalized engagement strategies that resonate with your clientele.

  • Feature check
    Use intent both pre- and post-account creation to understand their financial goals.
  • Feature check
    Align your customer service intensity with the potential business value each client brings.
  • Feature check
    Develop new customer segments utilizing a combination of financial behavior-based and demographic scoring.
Summit Intent Scoring for FinTech

Enhance trial engagement with personalized journeys.

Move beyond standard wellness app introductions by offering tailored engagement paths based on demographic and intent scores.

  • Feature check
    Evaluate user engagement and health goals before and after app registration.
  • Feature check
    Tailor the urgency of your app’s support and resources to match individual needs.
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    Score and segment trial users based on the recency and frequency of their usage and engagement with your messaging.
Summit Intent Scoring for Health & Wellness

Enhance trial engagement with personalized journeys.

Shift from standard interaction models to personalized engagement strategies for buyers and sellers.

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    Track and understand user profiles and interactions pre- and post-registration to gauge whether your best-fit prospects are engaged.
  • Feature check
    Compare the lead scores of buyers vs. sellers to see which side of the marketplace needs attention.
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    Create distinct user segments based on geographic location as well as behavior and profile attributes, enabling more regionally-focused marketplace strategies.
Summit Intent Scoring for Marketplaces

Streamlining Sales Cycles in Education

Upgrade your sales approach by incorporating lead scoring that identifies and prioritizes best-fit institutions.

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    Allocate sales efforts and resources against the right leads.
  • Feature check
    Score leads based on their interactions with your content campaigns.
  • Feature check
    Automatically assess clients’ engagement levels, both pre- and post-initial contact, to gauge the potential for a short sales cycle.
Summit Intent Scoring for EdTech
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Summit’s HubSpot integration is really nice—it gives us insight into where our prospects are in their journeys and whether they’re likely to be a good fit for our product.

Michael Ford
Michael ford
director of marketing
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Connect from any of your existing workflows.

We believe lead scoring should run in the background, enhancing the workflows of your existing marketing automation tools. Because you (really) don't need more screens.

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Sign up, Connect, and Start Scoring Leads in minutes.

A lot of things aren’t actually as easy as 1-2-3. Summit is.

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Create an ideal customer profile.

During onboarding, you’ll define your first ideal customer profile (ICP) using a set of dropdowns. Don’t worry, you can always get more fancy.

Unsure how to define your ICP? Our free, AI-powered ICP Generator can write it for you! Try it out here.

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“Sweet Spot” Evaluation

Most scoring solutions focus on defining minimum thresholds to weed out unqualified prospects. Summit flips the lens and focuses on measuring the distance between a prospect and your ideal.

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Fuzzy Definitions Welcome

Ambiguity happens, especially in the early days of a company, product, or service. With Summit, you can be as strict or flexible on your ICP as you want.

Configure ICP Image 1Configure ICP Image 2Configure ICP Image 3

Connect a workflow or two.

Your scoring model in Summit can be called from the workflow builders of many of the most popular platforms on the market. Or use Zapier to stitch something new.

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One New Workflow Step, One Giant Leap

You can add a step to an existing workflow or create an entirely new one to score any contact for any reason at any time.

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CRM’s, API’s, and Zaps, Oh My!

Since your model is a first-class citizen of the web, you can call it from you CRM, directly via REST API, or as part of any zap using our Zapier app.

Summit lead scoring workflow example 1Summit lead scoring workflow example 1

Drive new experiences & metrics.

With a clearer picture of the value and fit of each visitor, signup, and demo request, what will you do next?

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Personalization On-Ramp

Scoring leads is a great foundation for personalized experiences for prospects, from sales routing to responsiveness to relevant content.

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New Measurements

With a numerical understanding of the fit and value of your site traffic, signups, and opportunities, you can start to optimize and evaluate what’s working (and what’s not so much).

New Experiences & Metrics example
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Why marketers like you love Summit

Hundreds of teams use Summit to attract, score, and monetize their leads more effectively.

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"Gotta say, getting SignWell lead data coming in with metered pricing automatically calculated by the Summit API is veeeeery cool."

Ruben Gamez

Ruben Gamez

Founder, SignWell
ChurnKey logo

“Before Summit, all my 'engineering-as-marketing' plans were beholden to engineering priorities—not anymore! Summit gives me the power to build  both internal and external ROI calculations for potential customers.”

Scott Hurff

Scott Hurff

Founder, ChurnKey
Qwilr logo

“If I want to do SEO, I have 100 tools to choose from—but if I want to do engineering as marketing, I have to find some engineers. With Summit I have a platform to do that instead.”

Mark Tanner avatar

Mark Tanner

Co-Founder, Qwilr
Cloudforecast logo

"Summit gives us a powerful way to show our prospects the ROI of using our tools that help automate AWS cost monitoring and reporting tasks. Just one of the many use cases for Summit!"

Tony Chan avatar

Tony Chan

CEO, Cloudforecast
Clay logo

“While Clay is great for finding prospects, with Summit, we now also have flexible and efficient ways to score prospects, assign values to them, and qualify them at scale!”

Varun Anand

Varun Anand

Head of Ops, Clay
Vistaza logo

“What Summit has built is incredible. I can go from organization to organization and automate their processes using Summit's language model—and the architecture will be clean and simple!”

Eli Glanz avatar

Eli Glanz

Senior Estimator, Vistaza
SaaS Academy logo

“Summit's tools are awesome! We love using them make class lessons real and relevant to founders.”

Matt Verlaque avatar

Matt Verlaque

COO, SaaS Academy
ConvertKit logo

“We love how Summit empowers creators and opens their eyes to what's possible with their newsletters.”

Frances Wong avatar

Frances Wong

Product Marketing Manager, ConvertKit
Demand Maven logo

“I'm using Summit-powered calculations on quite literally every growth project we do moving forward. This is incredible. Excellent work!”

Asia Orangio avatar

Asia Orangio

CEO, Demand Maven
Slynk Digital logo

“I tried Summit and it blew me away. A fantastic piece of software and I keep thinking of new ways to use it. You hit it out of the park with this one!”

Gurdeep Sembi avatar

Gurdeep Sembi

CEO/CTO, Slynk Digital
Forecastr logo

“We’ve been using Summit in our marketing campaigns and the team has been fantastic to work with! They’ve been very responsive to all of our support needs, so that gives us a ton of confidence in their solution long-term.”

Michael Ford avatar

Michael Ford

Director of Marketing, Forecastr
The Growth Cult logo

“Summit is extremely cool—enrichment, engagement, and demand-gen are all needs I’ve had to solve with separate and siloed platforms historically in executive leadership roles. I absolutely love this!”

Grey Seymour avatar

Grey Seymour

owner, The Growth Cult
Calculator illustration

We always knew the value of creating tools like lead magnets, but didn’t have the resources or bandwidth to execute those projects before Summit.

Dan Bolton avatar
Dan Bolton
VP Corporate Marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our approach, our pricing, and how we support you.

1. What is Summit and how does it score leads?

Leads in Summit are first enriched, augmented with any data you provide from your own customer data platform, and then scored using an algorithm you can fully control and edit.

3. Can Summit integrate with my current CRM or marketing automation platform?

Because Summit is built with an API-first mindset, Summit is the most flexible and connected lead scoring tool on the market. You can literally call your scoring model in Summit from any tool that can make a web request.

5. What makes Summit’s approach to scoring leads more effective than traditional methods?

Rather than creating and managing a growing list of filters (>, <, =) inside your marketing workflows, Summit gives you the ability to define and store your numerical “sweet spot” in a model that you can call from anywhere. This model doesn’t just tell if a lead is in or out of a segment (qualification), but also how close it is to your ideal profile (ICP). You can also define multiple ICP’s in Summit in case you have multiple products and services.

7. What kind of technical support and training does Summit provide?

Summit offers all new customers a personalized training session 1-1 with a member of our team where you can ask questions and make changes to your model on the spot. We can offer additional development services to enterprise customers.

9. How can Summit’s lead scoring impact my marketing ROI?

Scoring has traditionally been used to qualify leads, to avoid wasting time on low-quality or unqualified opportunities. Your scoring model in Summit provides the additional benefit of showing you which leads are a very strong fit, allowing you to route these VIP leads to content, conversations, and campaigns that can dramatically improve your onboarding, conversion, and retention rates.

11. How does Summit ensure the accuracy of its lead scoring?

Summit provides you with two scoring apps as starters.  Since the way they work (how the score is calculated) is totally transparent, you are welcome to modify to taste. Also, because every model has an API, you can even run your scoring model on hypothetical (test) prospect data to see what scores you’d get if your dream prospect showed up tomorrow.

2. How does Summit’s data enrichment work, and what sources are used?

Our included enrichment feature uses Clearbit’s industry-leading data service. By bundling this data, you can skip the step of needing to bring this data to the table when you score your leads.

4. How does Summit differentiate between lead scoring and intent scoring?

Lead scoring is what we call scoring based on demographics and firmographics—factual traits about a contact or contact organization has. Intent scoring, on the other hand, is based on behaviors or actions done by a contact that signal interest in purchasing or re-purchasing your product or service.

6. What if I don't know my ideal customer profile (ICP)? Can you help me write one?

Yes! Summit offers a free, AI-powered ICP generator that anyone can use to help define their ideal customer profile. Simply submit your company's website URL and the tool will use AI to scan your site's content, write a company description, and craft a unique ICP. It will also define the key data attributes you should collect from your prospects (and store in your CRM) to understand whether someone will be a fit for your product or service. Give it a try here!

8. Can I customize the scoring model to fit my specific industry or business needs?

Absolutely! The scoring algorithm in Summit is completely transparent and yours to edit, extend, and modify. The editing you can do in Summit is very similar to the math functions you’d find inside a spreadsheet. We’re also happy to jump in and help you make modifications.

10. Is there a trial period, and what are the subscription plans for Summit?

Most users can test and evaluate Summit in an afternoon, and Summit offers a 7-day free trial (with a credit card) where you can connect one or more of your marketing workflows and score up to 1,000 contacts for free. Subscriptions are available as monthly, annual, or multi-year agreements. Pricing includes access to a dedicated feature set based on the needs of your business. Standard subscriptions include access to training materials and onboarding support. Custom plans include additional hands-on support from the Summit team for building apps and models, implementation, and API’s for integrating Summit into your sales & marketing stack.

12. Can Summit adapt to changes in my business strategy or market trends?

Because Summit can store and hold as many ideal customer profiles (ICP’s) as you want, Summit is a great place to develop new ICP definitions that you can test right alongside your existing customer base, without the pain of updating or modifying filters (>, <, =) across your marketing stack.

Everything you need to start scoring leads today.

Add Summit to any workflow in minutes.

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