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Who is Summit for?

Engage your audience

with custom low-code


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Nurture & enrich

your leads with

personalized forecasts.

Who is Summit for? - ROI forecast example

Protect your core

product focus. We'll do

the calculating.

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How it works - Select a templateHow it works - Make it your ownHow it works - Customize your interfaceHow it works - Visualize your results
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Select a template

Start with a pre-built app from our library

How it works - Make it your own
Make it your own

Connect your own data and edit the formulas

How it works - Customize your interface
Customize your interface

Choose and design your input fields

How it works - Visualize your results
Visualize their results

Add charts, graphs, and metrics

How it works - Enhance their experience
Enhance their experience

Create easy-to-understand defaults and options

How it works - Launch your app
Launch your app

Share, publish, embed, or run it from anywhere

platform features

Power and flexibility

Summit has everything you need to build, launch, and host your app.

Expressive functions

Easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like syntax for representing almost anything, from simple arithmetic to complex simulations.

Platform features - Expressive functions

WYSIWYG designer

Add charts, input fields, defaults, colors, and custom formatting with a simple, familiar interface.

Platform features - WYSIWYG designer

App versioning

Ready to launch? Ship a stable copy of your app while continuing to experiment and develop updates.

Platform features - App versioning

Hosting & API access

After launching, Summit hosts your public and private apps, including an API endpoint to run the app remotely.

Platform features - Hosting & API access
Why makers love Summit

Rapid development

Low maintenance

Programmatic access

Building complex, time-based models is easier in Summit than anything else I've ever used, especially raw code.
Aaron Francis, Marketing Engineer
SEL icon

Succinct, powerful, and expressive

Meet SEL (Summit Event Language), a tiny but powerful language that puts the power of simulation at the fingertips of anyone that can use a spreadsheet.  With a simple, declarative syntax, Summit developers can define the small parts of any system or calculation.  Click 'Run' and your simulation comes to life, making light work of the most daunting algebra, word problems, and models.

API Cloud icon

An API for every app

Deploying an app in Summit isn't the end of the road.  Two clicks exposes a secure, token-based endpoint that takes the parameters of your app and returns results in JSON format. Call your app with dynamic inputs from any other code or low-code web application.

Calendar icon

Calendar functions

Summit speaks calendar and time-based functions fluently. Instantly calculate anything that repeats at any frequency. Don't miscalculate a February ever again.

Code icon

Low-code, low maintenance

Because Summit's scripting language is accessible for spreadsheet users, updates and changes can be made with zero engineering involvement.  Need to update the numbers, rates, or assumptions of your app?  Click, edit, and re-deploy.

Commit icon

Commit, clone, and revert

Every Summit app uses git-style version history and commits to ensure that your end users and API calls are working against a stable code base.  Makers can experiment, revert, and clone their apps with no interruption in service.

Your Low-Code Canvas

for Numerical Data

Whiteboard icon
A Whiteboard That Does Math
Summit unlocks your spatial reasoning. Describe complex calculations as easily as drawing boxes and arrows.
Logic icon
Real-World Modeling
Our world is full of cycles, constraints, and feedback loops. Thanks to its simulator core, Summit handles these with ease.
Growth icon
Growth, Linear and Exponential
Forecasting is second-nature thanks to Summit's simple syntax for compounding, linear, accelerating, and decelerating growth rates.
Cycles icon
Stay in the Flow
As you make changes to your formulas, a data table automatically updates with the output of your app.
Time icon
Time is the X-Axis
Time is a native dimension of all Summit apps. Effortlessly chart, group, and sort your output by any time interval.
Sync icon
Sync with Remote Datasets
Insert data from a connected data source by typing a dollar-sign into any of your calculations.
Communication icon
Structure that Communicates
Unlike spreadsheets and text-based code, Summit's visual editor brings the formulas and functions of your model to the surface, keeping it legible and extensible.
Keyboard icon
Keyboard Shortcuts
Summit's editor includes a growing list of keyboard shortcuts to make common actions instantaneous.

What Makers Are Saying About Summit




May 20

Summit really makes sense. It's a no code way to build data apps. Define the logic on the board, then you can render the layout which ever way you like.

Siqi Chen



Nov 30

Really admire the modeling tool that Matt is building at @usesummit

Jane Portman



May 13

Proud user of @usesummit here. Congrats on the launch

Twitter share image - Jane Portman

Peter Suhm



Apr 14

Spinning up "simple" models in @usesummit is seriously so awesome. Nothing else like it!

Tim Wilson



Feb 1

Loving the power and flexibility you’re building into Summit!

Ruben Gamez



Aug 5

Gotta say, getting SignWell lead data coming in with metered pricing automatically calculated by the @usesummit API is veeery cool

Twitter share image - Ruben Gamez

Christine Rico



Jul 6

I just visited Summit for the first time 🤯

Nick Bergson-Shilcock



Dec 16

I just started playing with @usesummit and it is a remarkable piece of software. It's the first "spreadsheet replacement" (and graphical programming language) I've tried where it's not just cool but obviously useful, generative, and better at (some) things

Nathan Clark



Jan 18

This is an incredible product. Easily the most interesting piece of software I know of being built and I am loving following along as it develops.

Twitter share image - Nathan Clark

Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard



Jul 4

Damn imagine if MS had done this decades ago! I love how the product is becoming a true powerhouse.

Twitter share image - Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard

Tiffani Ashley Bell



Jul 3

This looks amazing. Just signed up

Anthony McClosky



Feb 3

I’m really enjoying exploring what an app developer experience for @usesummit could be. Adding model-based features to an app or site just got a lot easier

Twitter share image - Anthony McClosky

Liam Smith



Jan 23

Have been playing with Summit and my head has exploded.

Summit logoSummit logo

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