Happy customers using Summit in their sales and marketing operations include:
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What is Summit?

Summit is a no-code platform that strives to make impossible things possible inside the workflows that drive our customers' operations. Whether using our prebuilt components or creating their own, our mission is to give these no-coders the power to extend the platforms they use every day.

Summit actions & triggers are Compatible with:

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Want to talk about compatibility with your platform? Become a Summit partner.

Schedule by Summit - Features 1
Time intervals icon

Every "Every ..."

Don't settle for the -lys: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. How about every 2 days? Or every year? Or every payroll date, automatically adjusting for weekends? Every interval is covered and handled.

Month icon

Months, solved

Months were created to torture coders and no-coders alike! Fortunately, we have a champion now: Schedule by Summit has a native and deep understanding of calendars, so it will accurately and reliably run your workflow at the end of every month (31st, 28th, 31st, 30th ...).

Expiration icon

Expiration dates

Product launches, concert dates, vacations: these come and go, so why can't your workflows? Schedule by Summit adds the ability to automatically stop running a scheduled workflow after a specified date, giving you set-and-forget peace of mind.

Time limit icon


Experimenting with a limited capacity of API calls? Trying something new and don't want to overwhelm your system? Or are you just not interested in running up a bill while you sleep? Set limits to the number of times your trigger will trigger, and Schedule by Summit will kindly comply.

One time icon


Is there a workflow you'd like to run once and only once? With Schedule by Summit, you can set a future date and walk away, knowing your trigger will run once and never be heard from again.

Cron icon

Cron Expressions

Do you need to get really specific, or use a time interval that only makes sense to you? With full support for cron expressions, Schedule by Summit is ready to run when and only when you say so.

Automate all of your calendar-based ops.

The built-in intervals of your workflow builder handle a tiny fraction of time-based business processes. Trigger workflows in sync with payroll, maintenance schedules, bill reminders, community events, and so much more.

Schedule by Summit - Features 2

No calendar software needed

With Schedule by Summit, additional seats and subscriptions to calendar software isn't needed. No need to abuse, overload, or manage a separate calendar app. Remove steps and costs with a trigger that handles all of it with ease.

Calendar illustration
No workarounds icon

Goodbye Workarounds

Already using Zapier's built-in scheduling trigger? Swap it out with Schedule by Summit, then shed all of those complicated workarounds with cleaner, simpler timing logic.

Time settings icon

More Data in Every Trigger

Get rich context clues when your workflow runs: when was the last time it ran? When will it run again? How many ties has it run? Use these data points to craft more powerful, personalized messages: "This is your 4th notice."

Plug icon

Plug & Play

Installation? Setup? Not here. Just add the trigger to your Zapier account, enter your license key, and off you go. No Summit account required either.

Query features 1

Query as action.

A workflow triggers, now what? Use Query by Summit to fetch specific rows based on any SQL expression. Avoid hitting the limits and loops of fetching "all rows." Retrieve only the data you need using conditionals and comparisons. Run ad hoc analysis using SQL functions to feed branching logic.

Feature check
Conditionals, ORDER, and GROUP

Don't limit your data retrieval to equals. Unlock the full utility of <, >, >=, <=, and NULL matches. Structure your data using ORDER BY and GROUP BY.

Feature check
Extreme Formatting Flexibility

No need to run formatting functions on your data after you've fetched it. Use any of the string, text, or statistical methods of SQL to pre-format the data the way you need it.

Query as Trigger.

When used as a trigger, Query by Summit listens to your data and triggers only when new matches are found. This unlocks an entirely new layer of dynamic workflows.

Feature check
Trigger Only When ...

Use your query to detect conditions that warrant the workflow. Run faster and leaner: only pay for automated executions when you need to.

Feature check
Branching not required

Since the workflow only triggers when conditions are met, there's no need to add a branching step. Simplify your logic: less hassle, less maintenance.

Query features 2
Lead Score Features Detail Image 1

Measure fit against clearbit data.

Summit's lead scoring action includes a Clearbit plugin, so you can instantly score a lead with an email address and a definition of your ideal customer profile (ICP) using standard demographic attributes.

Feature check
Annual Revenue

Revenue numbers are a popular proxy into an organizations maturity, goals, and level of fit for a solution like yours. When do people start needing what you have?

Feature check
Company Size & Funding

Headcount and bank accounts may be vanity metrics, but it can tell you a lot about the odds an organization has the pains you're designed to solve.

Feature check
Job Role & Title

What rank, title, and role does this contact have? Easily match all or part of their attributes to help measure their importance to closing a deal.

Go Beyond basic personas with intent-based scoring.

Our extensible intent scoring model allows you to score visits, opens, clicks, and signups based on their recency while also decaying the value over time.

Feature check
Leads Best Served Hot

We know that acting fast on leads showing interest can be the difference between a meeting and looking elsewhere. Summit can decay scores over time to keep track of what's still fresh.

Feature check

For many businesses, the world may by your oyster, but certain cities are your pearls. Score a prospect based on their proximity to your target geography (U.S. & Canada).

Lead Score Features Detail Image 2
Heart 1
Heart 2

Why automation teams love Summit

Hundreds of teams use Summit to optimize their workflows across all departments in their organizations.

Super logo

"Schedule by Summit is awesome! Like no-code cron, but much, much better. I've used the basic Zapier scheduler for multiple zaps, but it desperately needs more granularity like this! One-off zaps is SO useful!"

Rob E.

Rob E.

CEO, Super Solutions Limited
Margin Ninja logo

"Exciting development in the no-code space! Love to see the precise control Schedule by Summit can offer."

Frank Howard

Frank Howard

Partner, Margin Ninja
ChurnKey logo

“Before Summit, all my 'engineering-as-marketing' plans were beholden to engineering priorities—not anymore! Summit gives me the power to build  both internal and external ROI calculations for potential customers.”

Scott Hurff

Scott Hurff

Founder, ChurnKey
Qwilr logo

“If I want to do SEO, I have 100 tools to choose from—but if I want to do engineering as marketing, I have to find some engineers. With Summit I have a platform to do that instead.”

Mark Tanner avatar

Mark Tanner

Co-Founder, Qwilr
TK Unstoppable logo

"I've banged my head 80 different ways trying to solve scheduling problems in Zapier! Schedule by Summit is such an elegant solution. Super pumped for this!"

TK Kader

TK Kader

Founder, TK
Cloudforecast logo

"Summit gives us a powerful way to show our prospects the ROI of using our tools that help automate AWS cost monitoring and reporting tasks. Just one of the many use cases for Summit!"

Tony Chan avatar

Tony Chan

CEO, Cloudforecast
Clay logo

“While Clay is great for finding prospects, with Summit, we now also have flexible and efficient ways to score prospects, assign values to them, and qualify them at scale!”

Varun Anand

Varun Anand

Head of Ops, Clay
Vistaza logo

“What Summit has built is incredible. I can go from organization to organization and automate their processes using Summit's language model—and the architecture will be clean and simple!”

Eli Glanz avatar

Eli Glanz

Senior Estimator, Vistaza
CrunchyData logo

“What I would have given to have Query in the past! Managing the Google Sheet Zap was a nightmare and so unreliable.”

Will King

Will King

Senior Software Engineer, Crunchy Data
SaaS Academy logo

“Summit's tools are awesome! We love using them make class lessons real and relevant to founders.”

Matt Verlaque avatar

Matt Verlaque

COO, SaaS Academy
ConvertKit logo

“We love how Summit empowers creators and opens their eyes to what's possible with their newsletters.”

Frances Wong avatar

Frances Wong

Product Marketing Manager, ConvertKit
Demand Maven logo

“I'm using Summit-powered calculations on quite literally every growth project we do moving forward. This is incredible. Excellent work!”

Asia Orangio avatar

Asia Orangio

CEO, Demand Maven
SavvyCal logo

“Summit having an engine for recurrence rules is the kind of bravery we need in software today!”

Derrick Reimer

Derrick Reimer

Founder, SavvyCal
Slynk Digital logo

“I tried Summit and it blew me away. Fantastic pieces of software and I keep thinking of new ways to use their tools. You hit it out of the park!”

Gurdeep Sembi avatar

Gurdeep Sembi

CEO/CTO, Slynk Digital
Forecastr logo

“We’ve been using Summit in our marketing campaigns and the team has been fantastic to work with! They’ve been very responsive to all of our support needs, so that gives us a ton of confidence in their solution long-term.”

Michael Ford avatar

Michael Ford

Director of Marketing, Forecastr
The Growth Cult logo

“Summit is extremely cool—enrichment, engagement, and demand-gen are all needs I’ve had to solve with separate and siloed platforms historically in executive leadership roles. I absolutely love this!”

Grey Seymour avatar

Grey Seymour

owner, The Growth Cult
Quotation marks illustration

Have to say, using Summit to calculate metered pricing from a Zap has been a veeeeery cool automation for SignWell SalesOps.

Ruben Gamez
Ruben Gamez
SignWell logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our approach, our pricing, and how we support you.

1. What is Summit and how does it work?


Summit is a no-code platform for building components (models) that work as triggers and actions inside your existing workflows. Unlike other no-code platforms, we are focused on giving you the ability to enhance and extend the platforms you already use.

3. Can Summit components work with platforms other than Zapier, Make, Customer.io, and HubSpot?


The underlying logic of components (models) built with Summit are callable from any platform that allows you to call API's and parse the responses (JSON). That said, our focus is on supporting usage from the above platforms since we know they can work with the data structures we return.

5. Can I hire you to create a custom component?


Yes! Not everyone has the time to learn how to push the limits of their favorite workflow builders and no-code platforms. If that's you, please schedule a call and let's talk about your needs.

7. What kind of technical support and training does Summit provide?


Schedule by Summit and Query by Summit are offered as-is and include training documentation through support videos. New customers for our model builder can request a 1-1 training session with us to learn how to build their first models or component. We can offer additional development services to enterprise customers.

2. How do the pre-built triggers & actions work?


Schedule by Summit and Query by Summit are triggers and actions that you can add to or call from workflow builders like Zapier and Make. How to use them depends on the platform, but you need to unlock their capabilities is a license key.

4. Can I build my own components with Summit?


Schedule by Summit and Query by Summit are both built using our own no-code platform. You can use these prebuilt components or you can create your own using our Model Builder. If you're interested in learning how, you can request access by completing the signup form here.

6. What kinds of components can Summit create?


Summit can be used to build both major categories of components in workflows: actions and triggers. While not all platforms allow you to build custom triggers, most (Zapier, Make, Glide, Customer.io, and HubSpot) allow you to create custom actions. Depending on your preferred platform, these custom actions are sometimes called apps. However they're named, Summit can create them!

8. Is there a trial period, and what are the subscription plans for Summit?


Schedule by Summit and Query by Summit are free to use (without abuse). Lead Score by Summit and our Model Builder are both available with a free trial and subscription. Subscriptions are available on both a monthly or annual basis. You can request access to our products or meet with a member of our team to learn more.