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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our approach, our pricing, and how we support you.

What is Summit and how does it score leads?

Leads in Summit are first enriched, augmented with any data you provide from your own customer data platform, and then scored using an algorithm you can fully control and edit.

How does Summit’s data enrichment work, and what sources are used?

Our included enrichment feature uses Clearbit’s industry-leading data service. By bundling this data, you can skip the step of needing to bring this data to the table when you score your leads.

Can Summit integrate with my current CRM/marketing automation platform?

Because Summit is built with an API-first mindset, Summit is the most flexible and connected lead scoring tool on the market. You can literally call your scoring model in Summit from any tool that can make a web request.

How does Summit differentiate between lead scoring and intent scoring?

Lead scoring is what we call scoring based on demographics and firmographics—factual traits about a contact or contact organization has. Intent scoring, on the other hand, is based on behaviors or actions done by a contact that signal interest in purchasing or re-purchasing your product or service.

What makes Summit’s approach to scoring leads more effective than traditional methods?

Rather than creating and managing a growing list of filters (>, <, =) inside your marketing workflows, Summit gives you the ability to define and store your numerical “sweet spot” in a model that you can call from anywhere. This model doesn’t just tell if a lead is in or out of a segment (qualification), but also how close it is to your ideal profile (ICP). You can also define multiple ICP’s in Summit in case you have multiple products and services.

What if I don't know my ideal customer profile (ICP)? Can you help me write one?

Yes! Summit offers a free, AI-powered ICP generator that anyone can use to help define their ideal customer profile. Simply submit your company's website URL and the tool will use AI to scan your site's content, write a company description, and craft a unique ICP. It will also define the key data attributes you should collect from your prospects (and store in your CRM) to determine whether someone will be a fit for your product or service. Give it a try here!

Can I customize the scoring model to fit my specific industry or business needs?

Absolutely! The scoring algorithm in Summit is completely transparent and yours to edit, extend, and modify. The editing you can do in Summit is very similar to the math functions you’d find inside a spreadsheet. We’re also happy to jump in and help you make modifications.

What kind of technical support and training does Summit provide?

Summit offers all new customers a personalized training session 1-1 with a member of our team where you can ask questions and make changes to your model on the spot. We can offer additional development services to enterprise customers.

Is there a trial period, and what are the subscription plans for Summit?

Most users can test and evaluate Summit in an afternoon, and Summit offers a 7-day free trial (with a credit card) where you can connect one or more of your marketing workflows and score up to 1,000 contacts for free. Subscriptions are available as monthly, annual, or multi-year agreements. Pricing includes access to a dedicated feature set based on the needs of your business. Standard subscriptions include access to training materials and onboarding support. Custom plans include additional hands-on support from the Summit team for building apps and models, implementation, and API’s for integrating Summit into your sales & marketing stack.

How can Summit’s lead scoring impact my marketing ROI?

Scoring has traditionally been used to qualify leads, to avoid wasting time on low-quality or unqualified opportunities. Your scoring model in Summit provides the additional benefit of showing you which leads are a very strong fit, allowing you to route these VIP leads to content, conversations, and campaigns that can dramatically improve your onboarding, conversion, and retention rates.

Can Summit adapt to changes in my business strategy or market trends?

Because Summit can store and hold as many ideal customer profiles (ICP’s) as you want, Summit is a great place to develop new ICP definitions that you can test right alongside your existing customer base, without the pain of updating or modifying filters (>, <, =) across your marketing stack.

How does Summit ensure the accuracy of its lead scoring?

Summit provides you with two scoring apps as starters. Since the way they work (how the score is calculated) is totally transparent, you are welcome to modify to taste.  Also, because every model has an API, you can even run your scoring model on hypothetical (test) prospect data to see what scores you’d get if your dream prospect showed up tomorrow.

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