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Depreciating Asset Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Instantly generate a payment schedule, estimated depreciation forecast, and charts illustrating asset value vs. liability for a depreciating asset (auto, etc) purchase.

Input 2. Downpayment Depreciation › Immediate and 11 others Output Asset Value - Strong Principal Payments and 24 others Charts Loan Schedule Total Loan & Payment and 2 others
Mortgage Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Based on details from a home sale listing, here is an estimated loan schedule and forward-looking appreciation calculation. This calculator works for fixed-rate mortgages only.

Input Property Tax › 2. Annual Increase 4. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and 7 others Output Property Tax Payments Loan Amount and 22 others Charts Transaction Summary Value Snapshot and 2 others
Debt Repayment Calculator Embeddable Customizable

How long will it take to pay off a debt based on a specific interest rate and payment schedule? This calculator is a good fit for consumer debt like credit cards and personal loans.

Input Monthly Payment Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and 1 other Output Principal Payment Monthly Payment and 5 others Charts Balance Interest
Student Loan Calculator Embeddable Customizable

This calculator shows how much interest will accrue and how much will need to be borrowed to finance a higher education (4-year college/university).

Input Monthly Payment Yearly Tuition and 1 other Output Total Accrued Interest New Loans and 6 others Charts Interest Balance

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