Lead magnet examples

Flexible, responsive pre-made lead magnets ready to use, embed, and share
Net Worth Forecast Embeddable Customizable

Set a current value, assumed growth rate, and monthly savings amount (gained through income) to project net worth over time, including life events such as gains, losses, and market crashes.

Input Life Events › Windfall Life Events › Major Expense and 7 others Output Years Monthly Savings and 9 others Charts Timeline Summary
Flexible Compensation Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Allows the user to define a total compensation and then adjust a mixture cash and equity (stock options and RSU's). Optionally include company growth plans to forecast the value of equity over time.

Input Employer Setting › Fundraising Difficulty Employer Setting › Annual Dilution Rate and 12 others Output Calc Options Count Monthly Cash Comp and 29 others Charts Summary Equity Breakdown and 2 others
Depreciating Asset Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Instantly generate a payment schedule, estimated depreciation forecast, and charts illustrating asset value vs. liability for a depreciating asset (auto, etc) purchase.

Input 5. Loan Interest Rate (APR) Advanced › Additional Monthly Payment and 11 others Output Asset Value - Strong Principal Payments and 24 others Charts Loan Schedule Total Loan & Payment and 2 others
SaaS Plateau Forecast Embeddable Customizable

Based on a standard set of SaaS performance metrics, when will growth slow, and at what MRR? This calculator forecasts when a recurring revenue business will reach a revenue plateau.

Input 2. Conversion Rate 3. Average Revenue Per Customer and 3 others Output Churned Revenue New Customers and 4 others Charts Revenue
Startup Runway Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Deliver a simple but powerful startup runway calculator requiring just a handful of inputs while still offering enough detail to satisfy early investors and founders.

Input 1. Income › 2) Monthly Growth Rate Cash Balance and 14 others Output Reduction in Payroll Non-Payroll and 20 others Charts Runway Revenue & Expenses
Mortgage Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Based on details from a home sale listing, here is an estimated loan schedule and forward-looking appreciation calculation. This calculator works for fixed-rate mortgages only.

Input 2. Loan Amount 4. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and 7 others Output Home Equity - Projected Monthly Accrued Interest and 22 others Charts Transaction Summary Value Snapshot and 2 others
Exit Waterfall Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Based on an exit valuation and up to five rounds of funding, each with ownership stakes and liquidation preferences, calculate the amount each share class will receive in consideration from the exit.

Input Series 1 › Liquidation Preference Series 2 › Investment Amount and 14 others Output Class B LP Series 2 Return and 29 others Charts Series 2 Investors Series 3 Investors and 4 others
Stripe Capital Loan Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Instantly calculate the cost of capital in terms of annual percentage rate (APR) of a loan offer from Stripe Capital based on monthly sales income and growth rate.

Input Your Finances › Sales Income Your Finances › Sales Income - Monthly Growth Rate and 5 others Output Trigger Calc APR and 14 others Charts Lending Timeline Loan Summary
Streaming Music - Flow of Royalties Embeddable Customizable

How does the money flow after a listener presses the play button on a music streaming service? This calculator provides a structure to input a number of monthly streams and calculate the breakdown of earnings based on the 3 types of royalties, popularity of various digital service providers, and each of their payout rates per stream. How much an artist earns depends on their role as performer, songwriter, and their relationship to the publisher and label.

Input Streams 2. Stream Value Split › Mechanical Royalty and 21 others Output Amazon Music Songwriters Total and 24 others Charts Other Royalties (Monthly) Streams (Split) and 2 others