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Flexible Compensation Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Allows the user to define a total compensation and then adjust a mixture cash and equity (stock options and RSU's). Optionally include company growth plans to forecast the value of equity over time.

Input Employer Setting › Annual Dilution Rate Employer Setting › Options Strike Price and 12 others Output Calc Options Count Monthly Cash Comp and 29 others Charts Summary Equity Breakdown and 2 others
Employment Offer Evaluation Tool Embeddable Customizable

This calculator offers quick and easy multi-variable analysis of an offer letter that involves a mix of cash and equity compensation. Set assumptions around valuation growth, vesting periods, dilution, and more. Forecast the value of stock options in the future based on a custom company growth forecast. Make a more informed decision when comparing career opportunities.

Input Annual Raise Assumption 1. Company › Annual Dilution Rate and 10 others Output Initial Ownership Options Value and 13 others Charts Equity Value Valuation & Dilution and 2 others
Stock Options Value Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Illustrate the future value of and cost of exercising options in a startup. This calculator can be used by businesses during the hiring process or as a complement to HR-led education.

Input 2. Options › Initial Ownership Stake 1. Company › Current Valuation and 7 others Output Vested Value Vesting Rate and 8 others Charts Net Options Value Valuation & Dilution

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