Personal finance calculators

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Net Worth Forecast Embeddable Customizable

Set a current value, assumed growth rate, and monthly savings amount (gained through income) to project net worth over time, including life events such as gains, losses, and market crashes.

Input Life Events › Windfall Life Events › Major Expense and 7 others Output Years Monthly Savings and 9 others Charts Timeline Summary
Depreciating Asset Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Instantly generate a payment schedule, estimated depreciation forecast, and charts illustrating asset value vs. liability for a depreciating asset (auto, etc) purchase.

Input 5. Loan Interest Rate (APR) Advanced › Additional Monthly Payment and 11 others Output Asset Value - Strong Principal Payments and 24 others Charts Loan Schedule Total Loan & Payment and 2 others
Business Plan Generator for Creators Embeddable Customizable

This app generates a forward-looking revenue forecast for newsletters, with 5 optional monetization methods: advertising, one-time sales, product subscriptions, affiliates, and paid memberships. Also includes the ability to increase sales in specific months to capture seasonality driven by holidays or campaigns.

Input 1. Subscribers 2. Subscriber Churn Rate and 23 others Output Ad Revenue Sales Revenue and 15 others Charts Subscribers Revenue Breakdown
Employment Offer Evaluation Tool Embeddable Customizable

This calculator offers quick and easy multi-variable analysis of an offer letter that involves a mix of cash and equity compensation. Set assumptions around valuation growth, vesting periods, dilution, and more. Forecast the value of stock options in the future based on a custom company growth forecast. Make a more informed decision when comparing career opportunities.

Input Advanced › Fundraising Difficulty 1. Company › Annual Dilution Rate and 10 others Output Options Count Options Value and 13 others Charts Equity Value Valuation & Dilution and 2 others
Debt Repayment Calculator Embeddable Customizable

How long will it take to pay off a debt based on a specific interest rate and payment schedule? This calculator is a good fit for consumer debt like credit cards and personal loans.

Input Monthly Payment Loan Amount and 1 other Output Total Accrued Interest Monthly Accrued Interest and 5 others Charts Balance Interest
Student Loan Calculator Embeddable Customizable

This calculator shows how much interest will accrue and how much will need to be borrowed to finance a higher education (4-year college/university).

Input Monthly Payment Loan APR and 1 other Output Total Accrued Interest New Loans and 6 others Charts Interest Balance
Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) Embeddable Customizable

This powerful, flexible calculator simulates the basic principles of Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE).

Input Life Events › Windfall Life Events › Major Expense and 16 others Output Investments Needed Set Retirement Draw and 31 others Charts Timeline Target vs. Plan