Startup calculators

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Flexible Compensation Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Allows the user to define a total compensation and then adjust a mixture cash and equity (stock options and RSU's). Optionally include company growth plans to forecast the value of equity over time.

Input Employer Setting › Fundraising Difficulty Employer Setting › Annual Dilution Rate and 12 others Output Calc Options Count Monthly Cash Comp and 29 others Charts Summary Equity Breakdown and 2 others
SaaS Plateau Forecast Embeddable Customizable

Based on a standard set of SaaS performance metrics, when will growth slow, and at what MRR? This calculator forecasts when a recurring revenue business will reach a revenue plateau.

Input 2. Conversion Rate 3. Average Revenue Per Customer and 3 others Output Churned Revenue New Customers and 4 others Charts Revenue
Startup Runway Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Deliver a simple but powerful startup runway calculator requiring just a handful of inputs while still offering enough detail to satisfy early investors and founders.

Input 1. Income › 2) Monthly Growth Rate Cash Balance and 14 others Output Reduction in Payroll Non-Payroll and 20 others Charts Runway Revenue & Expenses
Exit Waterfall Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Based on an exit valuation and up to five rounds of funding, each with ownership stakes and liquidation preferences, calculate the amount each share class will receive in consideration from the exit.

Input Series 1 › Liquidation Preference Series 2 › Investment Amount and 14 others Output Class B LP Series 2 Return and 29 others Charts Series 2 Investors Series 3 Investors and 4 others
Stripe Capital Loan Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Instantly calculate the cost of capital in terms of annual percentage rate (APR) of a loan offer from Stripe Capital based on monthly sales income and growth rate.

Input Your Finances › Sales Income Your Finances › Sales Income - Monthly Growth Rate and 5 others Output Trigger Calc APR and 14 others Charts Lending Timeline Loan Summary
Business Acquisition Payback Embeddable Customizable

Help users understand the costs and payback of acquiring a business. Enter growth assumptions and time horizons to simulate cumulative profit against new investments in growth. Also supports financing part of the transaction with monthly debt payments.

Input 4. Listing Details › Annual Growth Rate 3. Financing › Loan APR and 11 others Output Gross Revenue - Baseline Annual Growth Rate and 22 others Charts Payback Financials and 2 others
Leads Needed Calculator Embeddable Customizable

You have an MRR goal for the year, but how will you hit it? This simple calculator uses MRR growth and sales velocity assumptions to determine how many leads it will take to reach your sales targets.

Input 1. Current MRR 2. Annual MRR Growth Target and 2 others Output Conversion Rate Leads Needed and 8 others Charts Targets Performance Metrics
Business Plan Generator for Creators Embeddable Customizable

This app generates a forward-looking revenue forecast for newsletters, with 5 optional monetization methods: advertising, one-time sales, product subscriptions, affiliates, and paid memberships. Also includes the ability to increase sales in specific months to capture seasonality driven by holidays or campaigns.

Input 1. Subscribers 2. Subscriber Churn Rate and 23 others Output Ad Revenue Sales Revenue and 15 others Charts Subscribers Revenue Breakdown
SaaS Cashflow Breakeven Calculator Embeddable Customizable

A calculator designed for sales leaders to determine how many new opportunities are needed each month in order to get to cashflow breakeven, which is when deposits from new sales income exceed monthly expenses. Takes into account different contract values for average annual and monthly deals, NET payment terms on annual deals, ratio of deals that close annual vs. monthly, and sales team deal capacity. Also includes option to modify your monthly budget (up or down) in the future.

Input 2. Cash Balance 5. Annual Deals › Payment NET and 11 others Output Baseline Burn Rate Accounts Receivable and 21 others Charts Balance Sheet Bookings & Burn Rate
Affiliate Program Impact Assessment Embeddable Customizable

What are the key assumptions behind joining an affiliate program for a recurring revenue business, and what impact would becoming an affiliate have on revenue? This forecasting tool combines qualification, conversion, and retention rates with sales cycle timings to produce an impact assessment for joining an affiliate program.

Input You › Customers 1. Qualification Rate and 8 others Output New Program MRR Program Impact and 16 others Charts MRR vs. Affiliate MRR Impact Summary
Employment Offer Evaluation Tool Embeddable Customizable

This calculator offers quick and easy multi-variable analysis of an offer letter that involves a mix of cash and equity compensation. Set assumptions around valuation growth, vesting periods, dilution, and more. Forecast the value of stock options in the future based on a custom company growth forecast. Make a more informed decision when comparing career opportunities.

Input Advanced › Fundraising Difficulty 1. Company › Annual Dilution Rate and 10 others Output Options Count Options Value and 13 others Charts Equity Value Valuation & Dilution and 2 others
MRR Growth Forecast Embeddable Customizable

A simple engine to calculate the growth of MRR over time for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business. Uses a month-over-month growth assumption. Compare your funnel-based forecast against linear and compounding growth trendlines.

Input 1. Current MRR Trends › Compounding MRR Growth and 6 others Output MRR Forecast First Month Compound Growth and 6 others Charts Forecast vs. Trends Forecasted MRR
Cloud Hosting Napkin Math Embeddable Customizable

This calculator aims to help product and engineering leaders estimate future web traffic (requests) based on growth targets in active users.

Input Growth Function 1. Web › 1. User Sessions Per Month and 12 others Output Web Requests User Actions and 29 others Charts Active Users Web Requests and 2 others
Revenue-Based Financing Calculator Embeddable Customizable

This form of non-dilutive capital enables a business to borrow money in exchange for a specific share of monthly income. How much money will be paid back each month based on a revenue share of a business? And what is the effective cost of capital?

Input Metrics › MRR Metrics › MRR Growth Rate and 5 others Output Remaining Payback Months and 9 others Charts Revenue & Payments Capital Costs
Profitable SaaS Dividend Payout Calculator Embeddable Customizable

This calculator shows how much can be earned through dividends paid out by a profitable indie business, based on adjustable investment parameters.

Input Revenue Growth Rate Investment Amount and 5 others Output Return on Investment Preference and 14 others Charts Forecasted Revenue Summary
SaaS Valuation Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Using a common methodology of ARR growth rate, benchmark revenue multiple, and net retention, calculate a valuation for a private SaaS company.

Input 1. Annual Recurring Revenue › 2. Annual Growth Rate 1. Annual Recurring Revenue › 1. Starting Value and 9 others Output Valuation Multiple ARR Growth Rate (Whole) and 13 others Charts Valuation Predictions Summary (Start) and 2 others
Customer Retention Calculator Embeddable Customizable

The shape of a retention curve over the life of a customer set (cohort) greatly effects the shape of revenue growth over time. This calculator allows the user to define a retention curve and then forecast the growth of a customer base using cohort-based arithmetic. Modify the customer acquisition rate to see which is a faster path to growth: more leads or better retention?

Input Retention › Month 1 Retention › Month 2 and 25 others Output MRR Customers and 5 others Charts Retention Curve Customer Base
SaaS Goal Setting Embeddable Customizable

What difference would it make to steadily improved one or more of the key metrics of a SaaS business? Which metric should a SaaS leader focus on next? Which one would yield the greatest return with the least amount of effort? This calculator aims to answer these questions by allowing you to compare a baseline versus improvements to key SaaS metrics.

Input A. Baseline › 2. Signup Rate A. Baseline › 3. Conversion Rate and 14 others Output Churn Rate New Customers and 18 others Charts KPI's Revenue and 2 others
Recurring Contract Trade Analysis Embeddable Customizable

When monthly recurring revenue is traded for upfront payments, how does that impact cashflow for a business? This calculator models this swap taking inputs from popular trading platforms like Pipe.

Input 2. Cashflow › 1) Starting Balance 2. Cashflow › 2) Monthly Expenses and 9 others Output Payment Amount Cash from Trade and 15 others Charts Cashflow Trade Summary
Stock Options Value Calculator Embeddable Customizable

Illustrate the future value of and cost of exercising options in a startup. This calculator can be used by businesses during the hiring process or as a complement to HR-led education.

Input Advanced › Fundraising Difficulty 1. Company › Annual Dilution Rate and 7 others Output Vested Value Vesting Rate and 8 others Charts Net Options Value Valuation & Dilution