Revenue-Based Financing Calculator

This form of non-dilutive capital enables a business to borrow money in exchange for a specific share of monthly income. How much money will be paid back each month based on a revenue share of a business? And what is the effective cost of capital?

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Parameters 7

  • Metrics › MRR
  • Metrics › MRR Growth Rate
  • Terms › Loan Amount
  • Metrics › Cash Balance
  • Terms › Total Payback
  • Terms › Revenue Share
  • Metrics › Monthly Expenses

Charts 2

  • Revenue & Payments
  • Capital Costs

Metrics 11

  • Remaining Payback
  • Months
  • Revenue Share
  • Withdraw
  • Burn
  • Checking Account
  • Repayment
  • Repayment Cap
  • Loan
  • Revenue
  • APR